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ECO Pool

The sustainable Stake Pool

Reliable returns for You and the Planet!

Securing your ADA staking rewards and the future of our ecosystem.

Every month we donate 30% of our pool rewards for the planet.

Our donations do not affect delegator rewards; they are paid from our pool rewards!

Ticker: ECO

Pool ID: 72de14d78a359617a7dd0b33c5554ed4edbafd768ece87c4bf672ee0

Total amount donated:

US$ 20,677.08

Thanks to our delegators!

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Why stake with ECO

ECO Pool is a professionally run Cardano stake pool. We are committed to providing a secure and reliable staking service while maintaining fair fees and a transparent operation. Our mission is to ensure reliable returns for our delegators and the planet.

We run a mix of dedicated cloud and bare metal servers based on enterprise grade hardware with multiple layers of security and redundancy. Our servers run on 100% renewable energy, and along with our regular donations for the planet, we ensure that ECO Pool runs as a carbon positive Cardano stake pool.

If you are new to staking, check out this guide to staking.

Safe and Secure

Cloud and bare metal servers with redundant infrastructure

24/7 Monitoring

Constant monitoring and maintenance

Decentralization of Cardano

Server locations spread around the globe

Save the Planet

Delegating your ADA to ECO Pool not only gives you regular returns on your investment, it also makes you part of our mission in battling climate change and finding solutions for environmental challenges. Every delegator contributes to planting forests, cleaning oceans, caring for wildlife, and fighting for a greener future.

At ECO Pool we are committed to donating 30% of our pool rewards to environmental charities to support their efforts around the globe. Every month a different project or charity is chosen and published on

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Once a month we will take the donation portion of our pool rewards and donate them to an environmental charity. As we progress as a stake pool, we plan to implement a voting system for our delegates to be able to vote for eco-charities of their choice. We are reporting every month about the chosen charity in the News section. You can also find our donation history here!

The charities we donate to are legitimate charities with a proven track record. These include large and well known organisations like Greenpeace or WWF, but also smaller charities like Stiftung Green Ethiopia or Forest & Bird. If you know of a charity or organisation in your country or region that you think we should support, please send us a message.

Sustainable, long-term, and positive impact environmental approaches are a critical feature of the charities we choose to donate to. We also try to alternate between charities that pursue specific active projects like forest restoration or ocean clean-up projects, and charities that drive policies and politics.

We hope you feel inspired to support our stake pool with an eco-conscience. Stake ECO!

Charity Donation

30% of our pool rewards for the planet

ECO Pool Servers

Powered by 100% renewable energy

Our Donations

Last Month’s Donation

In July 2022 we collected ₳1181 to support the CNC Ala project.

This Month’s Donation

In August 2022 we will support CNC Ala with 70% and Forest & Bird with 30% of our charity funds.

Next Month’s Donation

In September 2022 we will support CNC Ala with 70% and the Sea Shepherd with 30% of our charity funds.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Mat – Owner/operator of ECO Pool. I’m a dad of three boys, husband, IT guy, engineer and Cardano enthusiast. ECO Pool combines two of my loves – nature and technology!

I believe that Cardano can bring decentralized and fair systems to provide banking, insurance, identity and security services to billions of people on this planet. All this while consuming a fraction of energy and resources compared to other blockchain platforms. With ECO Pool I want to go a step further and contribute to making Cardano a carbon neutral blockchain platform.

Through our charity donations I want to help tackle the environmental challenges humanity and our planet are currently facing, and give ADA holders the opportunity to be part of this mission. Come along and be the solution – Please support ECO Pool by staking your ADA with ECO!

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